We rely on our home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems to keep us comfortable and safe throughout the heating and cooling seasons. But without proper care, an expensive breakdown could happen at a time we least expect it. Prolong the life and efficiency of your HVAC systems with this simple checklist.

Air conditioning


Way before you turn it on
□ Clean your ducts

Before you turn it on
□ Clean your outdoor unit and remove vegetation around it. More info on how to do this.
□ Replace the indoor filter

During the cooling season
□ Clean the outdoor fan or heat-removing unit at least twice during cooling season to avoid heat build-up.
□ Replace the filter once every two months during the season

□ Consider a professional tune-up for your air conditioning unit (every couple of years)


Way before you turn it on
□ Book annual maintenance to clean out and test the components of your furnace
□ Clean your ducts

Before you turn it on
□ Replace the air filter
□ Keep the area around the furnace clear of obstructions and free of dust. Dust can get into the blower motor, causing overheating and premature failure.
□ Replace your carbon monoxide alarm battery and test the alarm

During the cooling season
□ Check the air filter every month and replace when dirty
□ Change the filter every 3 months (more often if you have pets or smokers)

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