Data Privacy Day in Canada and other countries across the globe serves as a reminder of the impact technology has on our daily lives and the importance of practicing digital and data hygiene.

Since 2008, when it first begun, Data Privacy Day has been increasingly raising awareness on online safety for both consumers and businesses. Its annual international effort to inform and educate, has helped millions of people to manage their personal information.

Be part of Data Privacy Day by reviewing the privacy tips below.

1. Beware of social engineering

Cybercriminals use multiple tactics to hack online networks and personal devices. They social engineer their way into platforms, either by disguising themselves as a credible email, an app, or a website. Never click on a suspicious email, links from unknown sources, or install an app before checking off these steps.

2. Install a reliable antivirus software

A reliable antivirus software with automatically installed updates can detect and clean suspicious online activity on your devices. It’s an essential preventative maintenance tactic to protect your personal information and electronics from hackers.

3. Don’t delay installing updates

It’s recommended to always install updates on all your devices. Outdated operating systems or apps are easier targets to cybercriminals.

4. Be password smart

Change your passwords often, keep them private, and don’t use the same one across platforms. Most importantly, choose diverse passwords by including characters, symbols, numbers, and upper and lower case letters.

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