Our homes are filled with expensive equipment we depend on for basic comfort. When heating, air conditioning, or appliances such as the refrigerator, oven or entertainment system break down, how can we be prepared for the unexpected cost?

Extended warranties or service contracts usually expire after a few years, but there is an insurance solution which is renewable and costs just pennies a day.

HSP Infograph ENG MHW
Download the infographic:
What a home equipment breakdown can cost and how insurance can help

What can go wrong?

Washer and Dryer  Washer / dryer
Motors can seize or burn out, or an electrical circuit in the control board can fail.

Furnace  Furnace
Burner can fail, blower motor can short and heat exchanger can crack.

Electrical panel  Electrical Panel
Surges, spikes and overloads can cause arcing and short circuits, damaging the main panel, wiring, switches, outlets – even plugged-in devices.

Hot water hearter  Hot Water Heater
An aging hot water heater can crack or rupture.

TVs and Entertainment
TVs and Entertainment
Microelectronics and sensitive circuitry can cause televisions and entertainment equipment to simply stop working, for no apparent reason.

Computers and devices
Computers and devices
Power surges can damage or destroy computers without proper protection. If parts break down and are obsolete, units may require replacement.

Home Systems Protection is a blanket breakdown coverage for all your home systems, appliances, and electronics. It is not limited to one item only.

For more information about Home Systems Protection, contact the MyHomeWorks team.

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