It’s been a long winter, and who doesn’t want to open the windows wide and celebrate the change of season? With temperatures warming up, it’s important to do some seasonal maintenance on our homes, to help keep us safe, prevent loss, and make home equipment run smoothly.

MyHomeWorksTM spring home maintenance checklist


tankless water heater


Check for missing shingles and storm damage
Remove any moss or mold growth


Clear leaves and debris
Inspect eavestroughs and downspouts for damage
Make sure water flows away from your home’s foundation


Inspect for damage to prevent water entering the attic


Inspect all windows for damage to caulking and seals
Wash the outside of windows to maximize sunlight
Gently clean screens to improve air quality

Window wells

Clean out debris to allow proper drainage

Air conditioning unit

Clear away debris and vegetation, cutting back all plants at least three feet in all directions from the condenser unit
Clean the outside of the condenser unit


Clear the dryer vent of lint buildup
Check all other vents for any obstructions or blockages

Trees and shrubs

Trim trees back from power lines

Solar panels

Trim back trees, vines and large bushes that may block sunlight
Remove dust and dirt from the front of the panel using a hose or soft sponge

Garage doors

Inspect and fasten any loose brackets or tracks
Lubricate the track, rollers, and hinges
Inspect and clean the area between your garage door’s photoelectric safety eyes. They use a light beam to detect any obstructions and reverse the door’s opening when necessary. Keep the eyes properly aligned for maximum safety.

MyHomeWorksTM spring home maintenance checklist


living room interior


If the weather is warm enough, switch off your furnace’s pilot light to save gas
Replace the HVAC filter
Check the water heater for leaks and corrosion
Check the clothes dryer’s exhaust duct for lint buildup to avoid overheating and fire hazards


Improve water flow by removing calcium buildup inside taps. Soak them by half-filling a plastic bag with a solution of warm water and vinegar, attaching the bag over the showerhead or tap with a rubber band.
Vacuum refrigerator coils
Replace or clean range hood air filter
Keep a fire extinguisher in an accessible place, making sure it’s filled and ready for operation


Improve water flow from taps and showerheads by removing calcium build-up. See kitchen tips.

Living areas and bedrooms

Examine switches and outlets. If warm to the touch, discoloured or loose-fitting, contact a licensed electrician.
Inspect cords for fraying or wear. These should be replaced immediately.
Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Ensure there’s one on every floor of your home, test monthly and replace batteries.
Check that light bulbs are correct wattage, to prevent a potential fire hazard

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