It’s the biggest and most costly screen in the house, and during the harsh winter months, we certainly love to huddle around our televisions. Here’s how to give your TV some TLC!

1. Clean your TV regularly
Cleaning tv-180760729.jpg

Use a soft cloth when dusting the surface and screen to avoid scratching. Keeping it free of dust can help you reduce the risk of electrical shorts and other malfunctions.

2. Unplug your TVpulling the plug

Consider unplugging your TV during thunderstorms or while on vacation. TVs are very susceptible to localized lightning strikes and power surges.

3. Protect your TV from electrical power issuesMultiple power socket with connected plugs

To further protect your TV from electrical power issues, use an electrical surge suppression device or battery-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) on the electrical power to the TV.

4. Avoid humidity or high room temperatures
home control system-843643254.jpg

Avoid exposing your LCD television to humidity or high room temperatures, both of which can cause damage or shorten the lifespan of your device. Temperatures below 10⁰C can also negatively affect brightness and response time.

5. Avoid displaying a single image on a plasma screen Couple watching television together and eating popcorn

Avoid displaying a single image on a plasma screen to reduce “burn-in”. Some plasma TVs have an option called “white flash”: This option eliminates burned-in images but will also shorten the life of your screen.


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