Shoppers everywhere will be taking advantage of deep Black Friday price cuts, especially on home electronics and devices.

With technology increasingly essential in our daily lives, so is the need to protect these devices against unexpected breakdowns.

What is the best way to protect devices against breakdown?

You could purchase warranties for each of these devices individually, but that can get expensive fast. Plus, it can be tedious to keep track of receipts, expiration dates and other extraneous information for each device in the event you need help.

Insurance is a simpler and more economical alternative to covering computers, mobile devices and other technology against breakdown – whether used away at school or in your home. This coverage also includes home equipment, appliances and just about every other system in your home.

And here’s the best part: It typically costs just pennies a day.

The coverage, called Home Systems Protection, is available through insurance carriers that partner with MyHomeWorksTM. It can be added to your homeowners, condominium and even renters insurance policy. Ask your broker for more details or contact us.

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