Air conditioning uses a lot of power – a typical central air system can consume up to 60,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour. To put that in perspective, according to Wikipedia, one four-inch wooden match left to burn out completely generates 1 BTU.

So 60,000 BTUs is a lot a power.

These tips will help you save energy:

Keep the air moving with fans

  • Use the fan-only option when temperatures permit. Recirculating air throughout the house can make a perceivable difference.
  • When the air conditioner is running, use fans to keep air circulating and the temperature more uniform. That way you don’t need as much cold air pumped in.


Thermostat tips

  • Set your programmable thermostat to operate the air conditioner only when the house is occupied or soon-to-be-occupied.
  • Set the thermostat a few degrees higher. Sometimes simply taking the humidity out of the air can make you feel more comfortable.
  • Natural Resources Canada recommends setting the temperature to between 22-25 degrees Celsius, depending on your comfort requirements


Close off vents
Floor Vent-186343814.jpg

  • Close off vents to your basement. That way you’ll force the cooled air up into the house first. Because cold air travels downward, the basement will naturally collect the cooled air as it falls.


Maintain your unit
Air conditioning thermostat repair.jpg


Time to replace your unit?
Air conditioner home.jpg

  • Perhaps it’s time to replace your old unit for an ultra-efficient air conditioning system. Known as an R-410a system, it can save as much as 80 percent in energy costs.



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  1. These are great tips!! Its been hot here in MD and we have actively used our AC this summer. Looking to save some money on utilities since the majority of the costs have been from the air conditioner.


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